Working with Couples

We work with our couples to improve their relationship. Using the family lens, we help couples to:

  • Develop joint goals and objectives
  • Improve the effectiveness of their communication
  • Deepen their understanding of each other and their sense of connection
  • Understand their cycle of interaction and how to shift it
  • Identify areas and issues over which they get ‘stuck’
  • Help them adjust to different stages in the life cycle and its impact upon their relationship
  • Explore the challenges of parenting and its impact upon the marital relationship
  • Underscore and use their strengths to address and resolve their challenges
  • Note how their families of origin have affected their relationships and how to make desired shifts in behaviors
  • Identify stressors that adversely impact their relationship and provide practical and relational solutions.

What We Do

Family Central Consultants help families through difficult transitions. We provide support and advice to families at a critical juncture when facing health, mental health, educational challenges or major life transitions. We assist families in navigating a myriad of issues and available resources. We collaborate with our families to develop a plan of action and provide ongoing support. Our goal is to minimize stress and anxiety for our families faced with daunting or unfamiliar challenges.

We provide:

  • in-depth consultation
  • comprehensive and cohesive assessments
  • close collaboration with families
  • guidance, education and parenting support
  • anticipation of issues that may emerge
  • feedback on diagnostic evaluations
  • advice in selecting the best team of experts
  • strategies, coping mechanisms and practical interventions
  • an expert to conduct in-home and in-class observations
  • a roadmap to manage your challenging situation