Our Practice

We developed our practice specifically to work with families and individuals to help them be the best parents, partners, family members and individuals that they can be.

Having often worked with families in the past who wished they had sought support years before, one of our goals was to make it easier for families to access guidance and support at an earlier stage. We have often found that families will have an instinct that they or a family member is ‘stuck’ or needing additional support but sometimes they don’t quite know what that guidance or support should look like. As a result, they wait to let the issue unfold. While it is sometimes helpful to take the ‘wait and watch’ approach, we often find that early engagement and intervention with an issue will allow for changes and responses to be most effective before the symptoms or behavior connected with a problem become more calcified.

This has driven several of our decisions as we set up our practice:

  • to work as consultants, though we are trained as family therapists. We believe this approach allows our clients to easily engage in the process. Our work is strengths-based, solution oriented and therapeutic. We value communication and collaboration, connecting and working with other health, mental health and education specialists when appropriate.
  • to work in the most flexible way possible - offering office appointments both uptown and downtown in Manhattan, home visits, and Skype calls for those out of town - so that accessibility is not a barrier to receiving support
  • to work as co-consultants, providing the opportunity and benefit of looking through complementary lenses. We find this dynamic underscores our collaborative approach and strengthens our connection with clients while also allowing at least one of us to be readily available.

What We Do

Family Central Consultants help families through difficult transitions. We provide support and advice to families at a critical juncture when facing health, mental health, educational challenges or major life transitions. We assist families in navigating a myriad of issues and available resources. We collaborate with our families to develop a plan of action and provide ongoing support. Our goal is to minimize stress and anxiety for our families faced with daunting or unfamiliar challenges.

We provide:

  • in-depth consultation
  • comprehensive and cohesive assessments
  • close collaboration with families
  • guidance, education and parenting support
  • anticipation of issues that may emerge
  • feedback on diagnostic evaluations
  • advice in selecting the best team of experts
  • strategies, coping mechanisms and practical interventions
  • an expert to conduct in-home and in-class observations
  • a roadmap to manage your challenging situation