Interview Prep for High School, College, Internships and Full-time Employment

We tailor individual or group workshops to help students and recent graduates:

  • Understand the interview purpose and process
  • Create and develop a personal oral narrative, highlighting their individual strengths, values and skills
  • Prepare for the interview process through mock interviews, role playing scenarios and anecdote development
  • Hone practical interview skills and strategies, both verbal and non-verbal
  • Develop understanding of and build confidence around the “art of the interview”
  • Present themselves both authentically and in the “best light” and do so with increased confidence

These workshops are adapted to each individual’s personality, learning style and goals, which will allow them to present themselves with confidence and effectiveness both in interviews and other challenging situations. Workshops vary from one to four sessions, depending on time available.

What We Do

Family Central Consultants help families through difficult transitions. We provide support and advice to families at a critical juncture when facing health, mental health, educational challenges or major life transitions. We assist families in navigating a myriad of issues and available resources. We collaborate with our families to develop a plan of action and provide ongoing support. Our goal is to minimize stress and anxiety for our families faced with daunting or unfamiliar challenges.

We provide:

  • in-depth consultation
  • comprehensive and cohesive assessments
  • close collaboration with families
  • guidance, education and parenting support
  • anticipation of issues that may emerge
  • feedback on diagnostic evaluations
  • advice in selecting the best team of experts
  • strategies, coping mechanisms and practical interventions
  • an expert to conduct in-home and in-class observations
  • a roadmap to manage your challenging situation