Parenting Support and Coaching

To help parents bring out the best in themselves and their children, we work to help them:

  • develop goals for their family and children
  • best parent their children both individually and as part of the family, as a whole
  • understand their child’s unique wiring and learning profile
  • develop tools and skills to support their child at home, in school and in social situations
  • use the advances in both child development research and neuroscience to improve their parenting dynamic and success with their child
  • identify when anxiety may or has become a stumbling block for them or their child
  • identify when a child’s school may need encouragement to provide necessary supports
  • explore the impact of a parents’ own upbringing on their parenting styles
  • identify and work through areas of different parenting styles
  • notice and work to resolve issues on which the family gets ‘stuck’
  • provide support and guidance for families under stress and transition periods: separation, divorce, chronic illness and death

Particularly when children have learning issues, special needs and/or a health or mental health diagnosis, we will support parents to:

  • understand any diagnoses their child may have received and how to communicate it
  • have a thorough neuropsych report
  • help them understand the data and meaning contained in the neuropsych reports and its impact upon different aspects of their child’s life
  • understand their child’s cognitive and social/emotional profile
  • develop a style of interaction and engagement that will support your child’s development and growth
  • feel more confident as parents
  • develop effective tools and strategies that are uniquely tailored to the needs of a child with a health, mental health or learning difference.

What We Do

Family Central Consultants help families through difficult transitions. We provide support and advice to families at a critical juncture when facing health, mental health, educational challenges or major life transitions. We assist families in navigating a myriad of issues and available resources. We collaborate with our families to develop a plan of action and provide ongoing support. Our goal is to minimize stress and anxiety for our families faced with daunting or unfamiliar challenges.

We provide:

  • in-depth consultation
  • comprehensive and cohesive assessments
  • close collaboration with families
  • guidance, education and parenting support
  • anticipation of issues that may emerge
  • feedback on diagnostic evaluations
  • advice in selecting the best team of experts
  • strategies, coping mechanisms and practical interventions
  • an expert to conduct in-home and in-class observations
  • a roadmap to manage your challenging situation